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  Soccer Drills: Master Ball Control - a young boy runs to a soccerball on a green field

Soccer Drills: Master Ball Control

Last Updated: May 25, 2014

In This Article: Inside the Foot Outside the Foot Sole of the Foot

Developing as a soccer player means controlling the ball in a variety of situations. These skills can be developed on your own, without other players or even a formal soccer field. All you do is focus on the different parts of your feet!

a man is holding a soccer ball and pointing to it while a group of young soccer players watch and smile

 Inside the Foot

Get comfortable moving the soccer ball around smoothly using only the inside part of your foot. Make sure you can do this equally with both feet. This will make it easier for you to set up the ball for any kind of play. Next, start passing the ball from one foot to the other foot using the insides only. See how many times you can do this in two minutes.

 Outside the Foot

Controlling the ball with the outside of your foot allows you to maintain your speed on the field. It requires less effort and you can disguise your intentions from a defender. Run the length of your practice area as quickly as you can while keeping the ball within inches of the outside of your foot. Get someone to time you and see if you can improve both your running speed and ball control.

 Sole of the Foot

The sole of your foot is very useful for ball control when you have your back to your opponent’s goal with minimum space available. Place the ball beneath your foot and roll it back and forth, and then side to side. Practice moving the ball quickly to the top of your foot, in preparation for passing or taking a shot on goal.