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  Make A Camping Trip Memorable - an image of a couple warming their hands from a campfire

Make A Camping Trip Memorable

Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2014

One of the great pleasures of camping is the classic campfire. Whether it’s late summer or early fall, an outdoor hearth is ideal for rustic cooking or just pure enjoyment. Here are a few reminders to make sure everyone is satisfied and safe.

Keep any firewood and kindling you’re not using away from the fire, preferably covered to keep it dry and away from errant sparks. Once a branch or stick goes into the fire, make sure it stays there. If there isn’t an official fire pit or fire ring provided, the next best alternative is making one with large stones. Have your children pace off a spot at least 15 feet from your official campsite and any trees, including tree roots. Never build a fire near dry grass or under tree branches.

Assign and rotate fire duties to each child to teach the aspects of campfires. One child can be responsible firewood, another can assist you to start and maintain the fire, and most importantly, one child can be in charge of having a shovel and large bucket of water nearby the fire at all times.

Before you leave or go to sleep, make sure your campfire is completely out. Make an activity out of fetching enough water to extinguish all embers. Even putting out a fire can be fun.