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The Resolution You Can Keep | Boxing / MMA

 boxing / mma Excercise

Round 1 : 1-1 & 1-1-1 Combination

 Boxing Excercise for Round 1 : 1-1 & 1-1-1 Combination

The double jab and the triple jab. These are jabs that are thrown one after the other to maximize power. If you have a punching bag, we're going to just get the feel of the bag. Work around it using the 1-1 and 1-1-1 combinations for 3 minutes.

Round 2 : 1-2 Combination

Boxing Excercise for Round 2 : 1-2 Combination

The jab followed by a cross. Now start using the 1-2 combo. When you hit the bag using your straight right you should here the back go WAP! Do this for 3 minutes.

Round 3 : 1-2-3 Combination

Boxing Excercise for Round 3 : 1-2-3 Combination

Begin in down dog and bring your right foot forward between your palms. Extend your arms out to a T position and rotate your torso to the left for warrior two pose. Your right thigh should be parallel to the ground. Hold the pose for ten breaths. Move from plank position to pushup position to down dog and back to warrior two on the opposite leg. Switch sides.

Round 4 : 2-3-2 Combination

Cardio Excercise for Round 4 : 2-3-2 Combination

This is one of the power-punching combos. It is a cross then a left hook followed by another cross. OK start using this combination! See if you can do this for 3 minutes straight.

Round 5 : 3-2-3 Combination

Cardio Excercise for 1Round 5 : 3-2-3 Combination

This is the last power combination that you will learn. A left hook followed by a cross and finally another cross. Now for the final round! Give it your all for 3 minutes. Use the 3-2-3 combo.