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Returns & Exchanges

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Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in its original condition, along with the original receipt, to any Big 5 Sporting Goods Store for an exchange or refund. Our general Return Policy does not apply to all items. For a list of exceptions and instructions on returning or exchanging these specialty items, please read our Return Exceptions Policy. These include: Baseball Bats, Firearms, and Air Mattresses.

Returns with a Receipt
  • Valid photo identification is requested for all returns and exchanges.
  • A refund will be issued in the same tender as the original purchase. If returning to a credit card, please have the card available.

Returns without a Receipt
  • Valid photo identification is required for all returns and exchanges.
  • Returns without a receipt may receive store credit.
  • The amount of credit issued will be at the last sale price or marked down price.

Returns with a Gift Receipt or Use of a Merchandise Voucher

Store credit may be issued for all returns and exchanges involving gift receipts or Merchandise Vouchers.

Please Keep Your Receipt! If we fail to offer you a receipt, or if the total does not match the amount you paid, please ask to see the Store Manager before you leave.

To the extent permitted by law, information from your photo ID may be recorded at the time of return and retained in a company-wide database of customer return activity that is used in connection with authorizing returns.

Acceptable Identification for all Transactions Include a Current/Valid U.S.:
  • Pictured Driver's License
  • Pictured State ID Card
  • Active Duty Military ID
  • Passport (Traveler’s Checks Only)